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2 Secrets To Grow Your Glutes | BlenderBottle Trainer Team

2 Secrets to Grow Your Glutes


Kendall from the BlenderBottle Trainer Team shares her favorite ways to build up and strengthen those stubborn glute muscles. If you are looking to strengthen your glutes, Kendall's got you. She shares 2 secrets to grow your glutes with this simple and focused workout plan.

How to Grow Your Glutes


Hey guys it’s Kendall with BlenderBottle Trainer Team and today we are talking about us ladies’ favorite muscle, the glutes.

So our first tip is going to be to wake up those glutes. We are going to do that by doing a pre-activation prior to our workout and starting a mind to muscle connection.

The second tip is to maintain that mind to muscle connection throughout your workout and you are going to do that by slowing it down. You are going to mindfully contract your glutes throughout all your movements to stimulate more growth.


Tip #1 - Wake Up Glutes

So our first tip is going to be to wake up those glutes. So I am going to show you an exercise you can do to wake them up. Its going to be a banded body-weight squat, so you are going to put the band just over your knees, I’m going to do a wider stance with my toes slightly pointed out to target my glutes better. And you’re going to squat, your going to fire up your glutes as you do this and I love the band because it opens up your hips. You are going to do about 20 of these while consciously thinking of your glutes contracting.


Tip #2 - Mind to Muscle Connection

Now that out glutes are activated, were going to start our workout now. It is so important to maintain that mind to muscle connection throughout your workout, that means we need to train our brains to consciously fire up those glutes as were working them. So that means slow and squeeze. So I am going to show you a barbell hip thrust here and I am going to show you how I do that mind to muscle connection that I can get a better pump. So a lot of people what they like to do is just rush through a workout and they are just going through the motions but you don’t want to do that. So on a barbell hip thrust when you have a maximum glute activation is going to be when you are going to be at full hip extension and that’s going to be at the top so you don’t want to rush through it, you want to take it slow and squeeze at the top. So what I like to do is actually go slow up and I like to pause at the top for two seconds and down. That way I am actually thinking about my glutes as I am working as opposed to if you are just doing this. You are actually contracting them as you go through it.

Again ladies’, if you are struggling to grow those glutes remember that pre-activation is key and you also need to slow your movements down.

Again I am Kendall with BlenderBottle Trainer Team and stay tuned for more videos.


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