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Breakfast Bags for Children in Need

BlenderBottle packs breakfast bags for those in need.

There is nothing quite like a home-packed school lunch made by Mom or Dad! Here at BlenderBottle, we believe in starting the day with a hearty meal to provide energy and sustainability throughout the day. Unfortunately, many children and families go without breakfast due to an inability to afford three meals a day.

BlenderBottle employees packing breakfast bags for kids in need.


In addition to our participation in Everyday Learners with Timpanogos Elementary School, we wanted to continue our relationship with these wonderful children and teachers by providing breakfast bags for every classroom and nurse’s office at the school. Unfortunately, children sometimes come to school without eating breakfast and therefore begin their school day hungry. In our best efforts to eliminate this issue, our team spent a morning assembling baggies of assorted nutritional snacks to give to children when they do not have the chance to eat breakfast.

We also had the opportunity of delivering these bags to the school, and the look of excitement on the children’s faces was priceless. Many of our charitable initiatives at BlenderBottle are geared toward making a difference right here in our community, and this project did exactly that.

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