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Giving Warmth



In honor of World Refugee Day, we wanted to make a meaningful difference to those in need. How could we best harness an all-hands-on-deck effort to impact refugees around the world?

The answer was to give the gift of warmth. Here in Utah, even when we experience severe winter weather, we do so from the comfort of our corporate campus or our cozy homes. But for refugees, winter weather can make an already heart-wrenching situation unbearable. Refugees often flee their homes with very few, if any possessions, and are ill-prepared when cold weather hits.

To help, we chose to cut and tie blankets for refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. The whole company came together to lend a hand and help make blankets. We donated the blankets through Lifting Hands International, an organization that manages the timely delivery of resources to refugees. We were thankful for the opportunity to come together as a company in service to people in need.

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