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International Rescue Committee + The Bottle Brush

International Rescue Committe and BlenderBottle work together to provide relief to those in need.

At BlenderBottle Company, we do our best to share our favorite innovations with the world. One of our most beloved products is the Bottle Brush!

In 2019, we worked with the International Rescue Committee to deliver over 500 brushes to help those suffering from natural disasters and other crises. We supplied brushes to shelters around the world that provide clean water, a warm place to sleep, health care, education, and empowerment support to refugees and displaced people. Many of these people’s homes have been destroyed, their family members have been lost, and their lives have been completely uprooted by the tragedies they have faced.

The International Rescue Committee is an organization tailored to repairing shattered lives and helping people regain traction and control of their futures. We hope that our work with the IRC will make a lasting impact as these individuals begin to rebuild and move forward.

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