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How To Air Squat With Bobby Maximus

Bobby Maximus Air Squat Frames (15 of 15)-3
Maybe you’ve tried air squats before. Maybe you’ve never heard of an air squat. Either way, world-renowned fitness trainer Bobby Maximus has your back (or in this case, your knees—he’ll teach you to air squat while keeping them safe from injury).


In the first video in our new series collaboration with Bobby, he demonstrates the right way to do air squats to power up your glutes and quads. Watch, learn, and get to work!


How to do Air Squats:

Bobby Maximus Air Squat Frames (10 of 15)

1. Place feet a shoulder-width apart keeping a proud chest and upright body.

Bobby Maximus Air Squat Frames (6 of 15)

2. Sit down like you're sitting on a chair until you reach parallel depth.

At Home Workouts - How to do air squats with Bobby Maximus

3. Thrust hips forward and stand up



People ask me why I squat every day. The answer is simple: it’s the most important human movement. Any sport you’ll play, any activity you’ll ever do, requires a squat motion. Now, a simple move you can do to practice a squat is an air squat.

It’s simple to execute. Your feet are going to be roughly shoulder width apart. From there, with a proud chest and an upright body, you can sit down like you’re sitting into a chair, reaching your butt towards the back wall. You’re going to go to a parallel depth, and that means the top of the thighs are going to be parallel to the ground. From there, you’re going to thrust the hips forward and stand up.

A couple of key point to remember for the air squat:

  1. Always hit that parallel depth. In fact, it’s important to go even a little bit below parallel than not go low enough.
  2. Always maintain that proud chest and keep your body upright.




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