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Now Accepting Venmo

Now Accepting Venmo on BlenderBottle.com

We’re always looking for new solutions to make our products better and our processes easier for you. That’s why we’ve added Venmo as a payment option for your online purchases.


Paying for BlenderBottle® products with Venmo couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Set up a Venmo account if you’re not already a user

  2. Open the Venmo app

  3. Go to settings

    Click Settings on Your Venmo App
  4. Scroll down to “Buying” and select “Connect Browsers”

    Connect Browsers in Venmo for online shopping
  5. Shop for the world’s best-selling shaker cups and related accessories at blenderbottle.com.

  6. Select the Venmo option at checkout.

    Choose Venmo at checkout on BlenderBottle.com
  7. Count the hours until your new BlenderBottle® products arrive!



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