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How Much Water Should I Drink

How Much Water Should You Drink?

We’ve all heard the recommendation to drink eight eight-ounce glasses (64 ounces in total) of water daily. But is this correct, or a just a commonly followed myth? How much water should you drink a day?

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All About BCAAs |   BCAA Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

If you’re interested in sports nutrition, you’ve probably heard of BCAAs. But you might not have all the info you need as to BCAA benefits, uses, and potential side effects. You may even be asking, “What are BCAAs, anyway?” Let’s dig in and learn...

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6 Ways To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better

It’s no secret: some protein shakes taste great, while other protein shakes taste gross. What gives? Truth is, there are a variety of factors that go into making a great-tasting protein shake. And since we’re in the protein shaker bottle...

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How Much Protein Do I Need?

Wondering how much protein per day you should consume? You’re not alone. And the answer is not the same for everyone.

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Enter To Win December Color of the Month Frost

Dec. COTM Frost

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Win a Sugar Skull Radian Stainless Steel Giveaway

October Giveaway Sugar Skull

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BlenderBottle Brand Black Shaker Bottle

October Color of the Month Giveaway

Don't have a Halloween costume even though it's right around the corner? Well, we can't really...

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September Color of the Month Giveaway

September is almost over. Before it ends, we have some Durango Color of the Month bottles to...

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BlenderBottle Brand Pink Shaker Bottle

August Color of the Month Giveaway

Summertime may be drawing to a close, but you can keep some of it with you by entering our Color...

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July Color of the Month Protein Shaker Bottle Monthly Subscription BlenderBottle

July Color of the Month Giveaway

Celebrate summertime and bring some beach vibes to your workout by entering our Color of the...

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We're getting ready to celebrate our nation's birthday by giving away a few Color of the Month...

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May Color Of The Month Giveaway

We're spicing things up with this month's Color of the Month giveaway. Answer any of the...

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