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All About BCAAs |   BCAA Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

If you’re interested in sports nutrition, you’ve probably heard of BCAAs. But you might not have all the info you need as to BCAA benefits, uses, and potential side effects. You may even be asking, “What are BCAAs, anyway?” Let’s dig in and learn...

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What Is A Shaker Cup, Anyway? | What To Know About Shaker Cups

Shaker cup. Shaker bottle. Protein shaker. Mixing bottle. Handheld mixer. Whatever you call it—and the names are numerous—we’re talking about the container used to mix up your protein shakes.  


But what is a shaker cup, exactly, and what makes...

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Micronutrients vs. Macronutrients - What They Are and Why They Matter

Macros vs. micros. Sounds like a hotly contested battle in some gaming fantasy world—except we’d spell it Makros vs. Mykros, and set the scene in an ancient Greek amphitheater. In modern reality, macros vs. micros (shorthand for macronutrients...

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Black Friday Sale

Our biggest sale of the year is live now! Take advantage of these deals before they're gone! Deals available while supplies last. 

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Build a  GoStak® Snack Pack

Inspiration for filling your BlenderBottle® GoStak® containers.


Wondering what to pack in your

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5 Reasons Every Girl Should Own a BlenderBottle GoStak

Not too long ago we shared 4 Super Manly Uses for the BlenderBottle GoStak and we thought it...

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4 Super Manly Uses for the BlenderBottle GoStak

You're a man, and you have a GoStak®. What now? The GoStak® is perfect for on-the-go snacks, but...
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GoStak™ On the Today Show

Today the BlenderBottle® GoStak™ was featured by Women's Health Editor, Jen Ator on The Today...

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Summer time is a busy time. Road trips and vacations, while wonderful, often bring with them...

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7 GoStak™ Features You May Have Missed

It’s been one week since the announcement of our latest product –  the BlenderBottle® GoStak™  –...
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