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All About BCAAs |   BCAA Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

If you’re interested in sports nutrition, you’ve probably heard of BCAAs. But you might not have all the info you need as to BCAA benefits, uses, and potential side effects. You may even be asking, “What are BCAAs, anyway?” Let’s dig in and learn...

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Micronutrients Vs. Macronutrients - What They Are and Why They Matter

Macros vs. micros. Sounds like a hotly contested battle in some gaming fantasy world—except we’d spell it Makros vs. Mykros, and set the scene in an ancient Greek amphitheater. In modern reality, macros vs. micros (shorthand for macronutrients...

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5 Ways To Make Your Protein Shake Not Suck

Protein shakes don’t have the best reputation. And with reason—all too often, they’re chunky, chalky, gritty, void of flavor, or funky tasting. But we’ve built a business around protein shakes because we know that great-tasting, perfectly smooth...

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Win September's Special Edition BlenderBottle- VERA

Haven't purchased September's Special Edition BlenderBottle? Enter for a chance to win one today!

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Recover with a Protein Shake Square

11 Ways to Recover From a Workout Faster

Recovering from a workout can be just as important as the workout itself. Sure, you’re muscled...

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How Much Sleep Do I Really Need?

In 2015, the National Sleep Foundation (NSP) issued revised sleep recommendations based on “a...

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How To Sleep Better: The ABCs of Better Zs


Yawwwn. Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Me neither. And we’re not alone. An estimated...

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Five Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is our greatest resource for energy and rejuvenation. No matter how well you eat and...

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Tips On Getting A Good Night’s Rest

Why do we sleep?  It may surprise you that there’s no bona fide consensus among the scientific...

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Beyond a better mood and less under-eye circles, a good night's sleep renders a number of health...
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