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Which Protein Is Best For You?

There are many different kinds of protein supplements, and the one you choose to utilize depends on your lifestyle and workout routine. 

Whey Concentrate

While some with lactose intolerance may find it difficult to digest, whey concentrate is one of the cheapest forms of protein available. With lots of amino acids and peptide chains, it breaks down relatively quickly in the body.

Whey Isolate and Hydrolysate

Although more expensive than whey concentrate, whey isolates and hydrolysates contain much higher amounts of protein, and they are virtually lactose and fat free. Whey hydrolysate is quick to absorb and even more expensive, but both are good options if you are in the market for a protein that is high quality and fast acting.

Casein Protein

Another milk protein, casein protein takes anywhere from five to seven hours to break down in your body. This makes it ideal for use right before bed, but using casein in the morning will also supply your muscles with the protein they need throughout the day.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is an excellent source of isoflavones and glutamine, which occur naturally in the human body but may be required in greater amounts during muscle building. Glutamine limits muscle breakdown and minimizes recovery time, while isoflavones lower cholesterol and boost metabolism by increasing the thyroid’s hormonal output.  It is worth noting that the use of soy products among men has come under fire as of late, due to the presence of phytoestrogens (plant-produced estrogens) that, when ingested in high enough amounts, can affect hormonal patterns.

Egg Albumin

Egg whites contain a protein called albumin, which was a popular workout supplement prior to the advent of powdered protein. It’s well suited to building lean muscle mass, but the whites are generally available in cartons on their own or as a component of meal replacements.  

Which form of protein do you like best?

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