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Tried. True. Totally Improved.

BlenderBottle Brand Shaker Cups

We’re thrilled that our standard-setting BlenderBottle® Classic™ protein shaker is the world’s best-selling shaker bottle. So you might wonder why, in late 2019, we launched a new version of a protein shaker that was already a clear winner. Here’s why we went there.


The why behind the new BlenderBottle® Classic™ protein shaker.


The fact is, innovation is in our DNA. From that momentous day back in 2000 when BlenderBottle Company co-founder Steve Sorensen formed the first BlenderBall® wire whisk, to 2020—when we have more products in our portfolio than we ever imagined, plus countless still to come—we simply can’t stop creating. Sometimes, creating means making a thing from start to finish. Sometimes it means assessing what you have—even when it’s already recognized as the best—and finding ways to make it better.

But let’s back up a minute.


Who Invented the BlenderBottle, Anyway?


Two decades ago, Steve Sorensen traveled frequently for work. He happened to be on a diet plan that included protein shakes, which he would mix in his hotel room while on the road. His biggest pet peeve was the way these shakes always turned out lumpy. The powder seemed impossible to mix!

Rather than give in and drink lumpy, unappetizing shakes, Steve got to thinking. On his way home from a trip, he stopped into a hardware store, purchased a simple piece of wire, and formed the original BlenderBall whisk. Always entrepreneurial, Steve and his wife Kim saw beyond the simple ball, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the way supplements are mixed and consumed. 

Not long after, they co-founded BlenderBottle Company and created the BlenderBottle Classic shaker bottle.


What’s New and Improved About the New BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle?


The BlenderBottle Classic protein shaker revolutionized the industry with its worry-free seal, iconic design, and BlenderBall whisk. Why? Because it works.

Innovation is a funny thing, though. It makes you always eager—itchy, even—for more. Over time, and after developing numerous other protein shakers to meet specific needs, we knew we could make the best shaker bottle on the market even better.

The new and improved BlenderBottle Classic protein shaker gives our tried and true best-selling bottle an impressive overhaul. The new Classic shaker bottle boasts a rounded base for better mixing, which means that even the most stubborn protein powders don’t stand a chance at forming lumps. The new Classic protein shaker features our pro-level SpoutGuard™, a cleverly designed detail that keeps germs off the drinking surface—because nobody wants to share everything with their pals at the gym.

Add all that to a sleek, modern design, standout colors, and the core benefits you know and love—like our patented mixing system, featuring the BlenderBall wire whisk. It’s easy to see how the all-new Classic shaker bottle has fast become a go-to favorite protein shaker and remains a best seller.


What About Our Other Protein Shakers?


Since the BlenderBottle Classic is the best-selling shaker bottle on the market, you might also wonder why we bother making anything else. In part, it’s because we simply can’t stop our passion for innovation. We’re creators, not copyists. Limit pushers. Boundary busters. It’s ingrained in everyone at BlenderBottle Company to continually do better and do more.

We also know that different people have different desires and needs. Some people want an insulated stainless steel shaker bottle to keep their drinks fresh and chilled. Some people want a glass shaker bottle for the purity of that straight-from-glass drinking experience. Some people prefer a durable, stain and odor-resistant plastic shaker bottle.

Size and convenience also matter. A small 20-oz. BlenderBottle® SportMixer® protein shaker with a comfy, textured grip is ideal for some people. Others fare better with a burly 32-oz. shaker bottle. Our ProStak® shaker is a shaker bottle with storage, so you can pack supplements to go.

Some people use a shaker bottle for the gym, some use a shaker bottle in the great outdoors, and some take a shaker bottle to the office or school. Plenty of people use a BlenderBottle shaker bottle without a BlenderBall at all (which is why we made these).

The bottom line is this: our shaker bottles are designed to serve all the people that use them, in all the ways they use them. And as our beloved customer base grows bigger and broader, and our customers’ needs increase, we continue to innovate new products to serve them. We’re hungry for the challenge. It’s who we are, what we love, and what we’ll always do.  

And it’s why we’ll never simply be satisfied with the best.

Find the BlenderBottle shaker bottle that best suits your needs. You’ll find the entire collection here.


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