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Build a  GoStak® Snack Pack

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blenderbottle gostak snacking containers

Inspiration for filling your BlenderBottle® GoStak® containers.


Wondering what to pack in your BlenderBottle® GoStak® containers? Sure, you can stuff them full of protein powder, as we often do. But GoStak® containers are ideal for all sorts of snacks, as well as supplements. If you go to the gym, school, or an office, a GoStak® is a perfect pack-a-snack companion to your day. Have a long commute, planning a road trip, packing for a day at the beach, or want to make sure your kids have healthy snacks on hand? GoStak® to the rescue!


The possibilities for packing your GoStak® containers are endless. We consider ourselves snacking experts of sorts, because snacking is one of our favorite things and we practice it all the time. So we figured we’d share some of our snack-packing wisdom with you. Try these ideas for your BlenderBottle® GoStak® Starter 4Pak, and also feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below.



Superfood Breakfast Buffet: Add these items to a container of Greek yogurt for an antioxidant- and protein-packed breakfast. Fill each GoStak container with the following:

40cc - chia seeds

60cc - goji berries

100cc - mixed pecans, almonds, and walnuts

150cc - whole-grain flaxseed granola


Chunky Monkey Snack Mix: We’re not monkeying around with this sweet tooth-satisfying, yet still healthy snack combo. Fill each GoStak container with the following:

40cc - dark chocolate bark

60cc - banana chips

100cc - mixed almonds and cashews

150cc - chunky granola


Savory Snack & Slather: Get your savory-craving fix, with a boost of protein, too. Fill each GoStak container with the following:

40cc - toasted pumpkin seeds

60cc - roasted, shelled edamame

100cc - hummus

150cc - carrot sticks


To-Go Salad Toppers: Add to a big bowl of your favorite greens for a fast, fabulous salad. Fill each GoStak container with the following:

40cc - toasted pine nuts

60cc - crumbled feta cheese

100cc - Kalamata olives

150cc - cherry tomatoes


Island-Style Trail Mix: Sweet and satisfying, this snack pack is perfect for all ages. Fill each GoStak container with the following:

40cc - yogurt chips

60cc - coconut chips

100cc - dried pineapple chunks

150cc - mixed Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and cashews


Carb Hunger-Buster: Kick your carb cravings to the curb with this tasty mix. Fill each GoStak container with the following:

40cc - sunflower seeds

60cc - dried apricots

100cc - dried, roasted chickpeas

150cc - mini pretzels

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